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Most people will clean or pay someone to maintain their guttering several times a year. Having GLGP installed will reduce a large amount of work and danger for the homeowner by keeping them off the roof. All gutter guards will need some basic maintenance and will all need to be flushed every 3-5 years. This is a service we can provide and is only a phone call away. With GLGP being expanded mesh there is no need for removal. We simply spray through the mesh and flush the murky water down the drain.

Gutters will often block at the top of the downpipe and periodic cleaning will not eliminate this problem. Gutters need to have GLGP installed to stop the downpipes blocking.

Major problems people face if they neglect their gutters are:

  • Water damage via the gutters and valleys.
  • Overflowing gutters causing damage to foundations.
  • Staining to the exterior walls and mossy pathways.
  • Premature rusting of gutters. (Gutters will last approx 2-3 times longer with gutter guard installed)
  • Breeding of mosquitoes because water pools in gutters and becomes stagnant.
  • Water contamination in water tanks through leaf and debris breakdown and bird/vermin droppings.
  • Bushfire hazard. (One of the most important things that should be done if your home is susceptible to bushfire or ember attack is install metal gutter guard rated 0)
  • Water harvesting problems (Water will often not get to your tank through blockages in gutters and downpipes)
  • Ladder accidents are more likely to happen if you spend more time than necessary on the roof.

Bushfires in Australia( approx 80% of homes lost in a bushfire start from embers landing in the gutters.)

This is why GLGP has become so popular in Australia. It has a Council approved fire rating of 0. Rated from 0-5 with 0 being the best, it passes "AS1530.2-1993". This product has been installed on tens of thousands of homes over the past 11 years and bushfire prevention is still the main reason people choose GLGP. Most councils will insist on having a metal gutter guard rated 3 or under to pass the home approval.

With the product being made from Australian BlueScope Steel, it will naturally protect against fire when compared to most plastic guards. Remember most Australian gutters are made from steel and not plastic.

Ember attack during a bushfire is a very serious problem and can occur even if a bushfire is up to 5km away. Dry matter accumulated in guttering can ignite in seconds and may spread rapidly into the ceiling cavity through dust, leaves and broken down insulation and sarking. Even if a sprinkler system is installed, water pressure is often reduced during a bushfire and sprinklers may not therefore perform effectively. Once into a ceiling cavity, fire outbreak becomes extremely difficult to access and control.

Water harvesting (your tank will fill about 3 times faster when you have GLGP installed!)

A large majority of home owners in Australia are investing in water tanks, and for today's climate it is almost a necessity. Rainwater is collected from the roof and travels through the gutter system to the tank. However, many people forget that leaves and vermin can also find their way into the tank by the same means if the gutter is not protected. Even worse, much of the available water may not reach the tank due to blockages in the gutter and downpipes.

By installing GumLeaf Gutter Protection you will help eliminate the following common problems:

  • Blocked gutters and downpipes.
  • Contaminated water from birds and vermin and the breakdown of leaves and debris.
  • Water pooling from blocked gutter. (This attracts mosquitoes and can lead to contamination and disease in your gutter and eventually your tank)
  • Silt build up in your tank. (Having GLGP installed means that most of the leaves will break down on the ground and not end up in your tank)
  • Pump wear and tear (Your pump will have a longer life if it is not pumping silted water)

Reducing these common everyday problems will allow you to harvest cleaner, higher quality water for your garden and household appliances (such as your washing machine).

Birds and Vermin (most of these pests enter your ceiling through the gutter and valleys of your home)

Usually in the spring, birds will invade a large percentage of homes throughout the country. Birds will nest in your gutters, eves and ceiling year after year if given the chance. The problem is birds, like the Indian Miner, carry disease and lice which is extremely hard to get rid of if your home is infested.

We find bird or possum problems in one third of homes in which we install GumLeaf Gutter Protection. Possums love to make a home theirs at any time of the year. It can provide them ideal shelter from many of the harsh elements. When GLGP is installed it covers the face of the tile to restrict the entry via the gutter. On a corrugated roof our tough product goes over the roof, making it impossible to enter via the gutter. It is impossible for birds and possums to penetrate in any way when GLGP, made from BlueScope Colorbond Steel, is installed properly. Birds tend to be a major problem throughout Australia in large subdivisions where large numbers of trees (their normal habitat) have been removed.


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